The International Alliance of Clinical Hypnotists and Therapists, also known as the IACHT, provides accreditation and certification globally for Hypnotherapists, Hypnotists, Life Coaches, and NLP Practitioners based on level of expertise and experience.

Our Mission is to promote a distinguished level of expertise in the field of hypnosis, life coaching, and NLP, by providing best practice sharing opportunities, continuing education, certification, and  global networking opportunities for practitioners.  We offer and promote basic, advanced, and continuing education programs to broaden the application and knowledge of Hypnosis, NLP, Life Coaching, EFT, Kinesiology, and EMDR within the medical community as well as for non-medical practitioners and those in the healing arts community.

We strongly encourage a share of best practices, innovative techniques, and strategies via our conferences, streaming video, and online sharing communities. As both a learning portal and mentoring resource, we aspire to provide an open community environment for those within the medical community and healing arts community.

We advocate scientific research in these areas to support and promote the acknowledgement and acceptance of hypnosis and the aforementioned modalities as an essential tool in the health care community worldwide. Our continuing goal is to provide a professional community that promotes a share of best practices for those clinicians and practitioners who utilize these modalities.

We strive to

  • Advance hypnosis via Community Awareness & Education
  • Promote our members both locally and Globally
  • Uphold and safeguard the professional use of hypnosis, NLP, EFT, and Life Coaching
  • Promote hypnosis as a complement to the licensed medical and psychological community
  • Maintain a Code of Ethics for all our members
  • Educate the public about the many positive applications and misconceptions surrounding hypnosis
  • Provide marketing support and education to all of our members