Past Life Regression Workshop

Past Life Regression Hypnosis With Eli Bliliuos

For many, past lives are a complete mystery. In a recent talk, he covered the ways that hypnosis helps with past life regression. In a demonstration, he helped someone return to their past life where she learned why she has a limiting relationship with her current husband. It turns out they have been taking turns being unfaithful to one another.

About Eli Bliliuos

Eli Bliliuos is a noted hypnotist in New York City who is skilled in holistic healing. Eli Bliliuos is also a leading hypnosis trainer and a neural linguistic programming practitioner. Eli is certified by the IACHT and the National Hypnotist Guild. In addition, Eli is trained in life coaching and EFT. As a leading hypnotist, Bliliuos offers hypnosis-training, workshops, sessions, CDs and downloads.

Overcome Limitations With Past Life Regression

According to Mr. Bliliuos, past life regression is not just a journey of self-discovery. It offers people the chance to overcome phobias, negative habits and limiting beliefs. These beliefs develop over several lifetimes. Learning about them is the first step toward ending the cycle. People are better able to fully enjoy their life without emotional pain. Each life is a new chance to work toward a unique purpose. Exploring past lives is a way to discover a ones higher purpose.

How It Works

During past life regression, the individual typically enters into a state of relaxation. This allows them to travel backwards through time to past lives that are impacting them now. Some people perform a past life regression out of curiosity. Others have a specific goal in mind. If someone is blocked in his or her life, the cause could be in the past. A trauma or negative event in a past life can still cause problems in today’s world. Unlocking these memories lets individuals overcome phobias, emotional blocks and limiting behaviors.

Learn About the Past

Other than healing past wounds, past life regression helps in other ways. It allows people to identify the souls that often incarnate with them. They also can experience the soul state as they transition at the end of an incarnation.

The main goal of this therapy is to learn more about present challenges in a current life. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by stress, worries and negative thoughts. Often, these problems develop due to habits and patterns in a past life. Through better understanding, people can break the repeated patterns and cycles in each life.

As the founder of the NYC Hypnosis Center for Profound Change, Eli Bliliuos is a noted hypnotist in the field. He considers past life and LBL therapy to be his calling. His recent talk on the subject continues his research and experience in the field.