IACHT Course Certification

Getting Your Course Qualified for IACHT Certification

If you are offering a hypnosis or NLP class, you can now certify it with the IACHT. Once your course has been certified for hypnosis or NLP, your students can also gain their certification through the IACHT.

The IACHT advances professional careers in the field of NLP and hypnosis. It provides support and networking opportunities for hypnosis professionals. While it advocates for therapeutic, valid hypnosis and NLP uses, it offers training and public awareness.

 The Advantages of Being Certified with the International Hypnosis Association

  •  Have your course reviewed comprehensively
  • Get more students interested in signing up for your course
  • Become independently validated for your hard work
  • Enhance the satisfaction of your students
  • Improve the prestige of your course through showcasing your IACHT certification in advertisements and marketing materials
  • Get extra support for you and your students from the IACHT

 The Exceptional Benefits for Students with an International Hypnosis Association Certification

  •  Get a wall certificate that showcases your prestige and abilities from an internationally respected NLP and hypnotherapy association
  • Build a good reputation as a professional NLP or hypnosis practitioner with an IACHT certification
  • Garner free client referrals. Whenever clients reach out to us, we connect them with our members in the geographic or expertise area needed.
  • Get a free membership listing on the website of the IACHT

Get Your Course Qualified

To be certified by the IACHT, the course must be based on time-tested, well-researched principles of practical experience, hypnosis, and human nature.

The entire process is simple and quick:

  • Contact us and make sure to tell us that you want to ask about getting your course certified.
  • We will ask for your detailed course outline, examination processes and similar topics. We want to know the way you check your students for competence or administer tests.
  • Afterward, we review through all of your files and materials. If there are any questions or suggestions, we will send you to them. Our goal is to help trainers provide the best quality of training possible. This allows everyone to have a high level of quality and be as successful as possible.